HAYO’s mission is to create a robust “Le
réseau de l'espoir” (Network of Hope)
for the coming generations.

In the era of globalization, it has become imperative for developing nations to focus on the digital inclusion of the overlooked “bottom of the pyramid” communities. The fact is- digital advances which were once the nearly exclusive privilege of developed nations, have since been redefined as fundamental cornerstones to any contemporary infrastructure. In the wake of the new millennium, the efficient exchange of ideas, resources and services has become critical to a nation’s economic success.

The implications of this phenomenon are all the more striking when examining the monumental growth potential inherent in developing nations as they traverse the digital divide. On the whole, rural populations still outnumber their urban counterparts in developing nations. As such, it is evident that the economic contributions of this majority are by no means insignificant. Nevertheless, actual output capacity is severely hindered given their state of connectivity, which by and large is inadequate.

In Africa, for example, 60% of the population lives in rural settings and many regions still experience penetration rates hovering in the range of 20-30% for Internet and 30-70% for Mobile. This reality can be attributed to many factors, among which geographic limitations, illiteracy, sparse population density and non-viability of conventional technologies remain the most prominent.

A dedicated approach by all stakeholders can effectively address this problem.

HAYO's mission is to bring technology and network to the underprivileged rural areas as well as the more urbanized areas expanding the reach of people throughout the country.