Technology & Network

HAYO maintains a carrier grade wireless network based on WiFi & WiMAX, a first in West Africa. Harnessing the microwave technologies of WiFi & WiMAX networks, we maintain a backhaul of 30 km. In utilizing such innovations of WiFi & WiMAX and further coupling them with the robust nature of GSM networks, HAYO has capitalized on its complementary nature. Consequently, our customers in even the most remote locations benefit from efficient carriage, transmission and delivery of triple play including Voice, Video and Data services.

Notwithstanding the infrastructural and logistical challenges encountered, the technology embodies the ideal solution for rapid proliferation of basic Telephony and Internet services in underserved and unserved areas of developing nations.

The Meticulous RF planning and efficient integration of Core Network elements augment the ability of the network to significantly extend the LoS (Line of Sight) and NLoS (Near Line of Sight). Moreover, careful selection of CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment) and a wide choice of efficient terminal devices ensure optimum service performance and the utmost user satisfaction.


The intrinsic capabilities of HAYO’s WiMAX-WiFi based networks have several advantages vis à vis conventional technologies like ADSL, HSPA and GSM including, but not limited to:

Quick Deployment

The turnaround time for deployment of WiMAX-WiFi Networks is remarkably less. Unlike ADSL, trenching and lying of copper wires is not required and the transmission is done simply by Air Radio waves. Networks will go live in a mere matter of days.


WiMAX-WiFi system offers incredible flexibility in Network Deployment. The Scale of operations can be altered according to the market demand, thus preventing hefty capital load.

Low cost

Simple architecture and inexpensive network gear translate to a drastic reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), thus rendering services extremely affordable for end-users.

Ease of use

All Customer Premise Equipment comes pre-configured so users can simply plug and play, which means laborious and time consuming door to door visits by service personnel are avoided and thus, provisioning of service will be swift.

Wider Coverage

It provides superior Omni directional coverage at a fraction of the cost incurred by GSM and CDMA networks

Resilience to Harsh Environments

WiMAX-WiFi network equipment is very resilient to hostile conditions and environments. These systems have been tested and successfully used in extreme climates from sweltering heat in the desert to sub zero temperatures.

Spectral Efficiency

In comparison to traditional wireless transmission technologies, WiMAX-WiFi system scores the highest in terms of spectrum utilization; an incredible advantage, as the spectrum is a finite resource. Additionally, the throughput per channel bandwidth is greater.